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Cynthiana Main Street is a non-profit organization aimed at revitalizing downtown Cynthiana, Kentucky. 



Cynthiana, Kentucky was incorporated as a town on December 10, 1793. 


If you are interested in serving on a committees,

want to help plan community events, or volunteer your time

for downtown revitalization projects or events,

please email or call (859)954-5060.

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Cynthiana Main Street, Inc.


Cynthiana Main Street, Inc.  is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization aimed at revitalizing downtown Cynthiana, Kentucky. Our purpose, put simply, is to restore and secure the economic vitality and aesthetic quality of Cynthiana’s downtown. This program strives to make our existing businesses stronger and bring in new businesses that our community needs, while also being an advocate for historical preservation and working to beautify our downtown for Cynthianians and visitors alike.


Cynthiana Main Street, Inc. resides under the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the Kentucky Main Street program (housed within the Kentucky Heritage Council) and is required to uphold the NTHP Main Street four-point approach through our four committees:


  • Organization: Concentrating on the structure of the program, the Organization Committee manages our fundraising, membership, and volunteers, building consensus and cooperation between all involved in Cynthiana Main Street.

  • Promotion: Through publicity, marketing, and events, our Promotion Committee ensures that downtown Cynthiana is a lively and enjoyable place to be.

  • Design: The streetscape, building restoration, and façade grants are some of the visual opportunities the Design Committee utilizes and assists to improve Cynthiana’s downtown.

  • Economic Restructuring: Working with city government to create occupational incentive, assisting new business owners in their endeavors, and bringing new commerce to Cynthiana’s downtown district are all tasks focuses on by the Economic Restructuring Committee.


Does the program only focus on Main Street?


No. Though the program's name incudes the term "main" street, the Kentucky Main Street and Cynthiana Main Street, Inc. programs focus on an entire downtown district. In Cynthiana, this includes areas of Main, Pike, Walnut, and Bridge streets as seen on the map below.  With additional funding, resources, and progress, the bounderies of this district can be expanded to better foster and create a successful, healthy downtown.



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